My preparation and participation in a debate course tournament

Students will learn how others make decisions. Judges will cast ballots for one team or the other as well as award scores for quality of performance. Please contact me later this year if you would like to receive a copy.

Communication (COMM) Courses

Upper-division standing and COMM Tzu-ch'un and all the assembled scholars joined the attack, the points and retorts thrusted back and forth like spears.

Webster also has played host to international debate teams from Great Britain and Japan and won numerous individual and team championships. For continuous enrollment while completing the project.

Students will develop strong leadership skills in event planning while working as a "Team Leader". Thank you for teaching me so much about debate. Each debater will deliver a constructive speech to present their basic argument for or against the topic which is eight minutes long, and each debater will deliver a rebuttal speech to defend their arguments and attack those of the other team which is five minutes long.

X participated in a technical meeting at my office - Mr. The model is called policy debate and has these components: They will take their ideas and express them to others, in public, for all to see and hear. Forensics team members participate in a range of interpretation and public speaking events, including literature, writing speeches and speaking on current events or philosophical issues.

Examination and application of historical and contemporary communication theory to the study of organizing processes within and between various types of organizations. A critical examination of communication within and among subcultures as well as across cultural boundaries.

Social Influence and Attitude Change Seminar on the nature and effects of social influence, with special emphasis on attitude formation and change, conformity, behavior, "brain washing," prejudice, and propaganda as functions of communication.

Debaters are more often seen as leaders. Through the study of theory and experiential learning in simulations, students develop skills necessary for planning, staffing, developing, decision-making, and problem-solving in organizations. Topics in Communication Contemporary problems and issues in communication; sections include such topics as freedom of speech, parliamentary procedure, special communication skills, rhetoric of protest and response, and communication processes.

Provides an overview of communication as a field and in practices of everyday life. X's participation in a technical meeting - Mr.

Debates were a daily reminder of your skill. My country had debate as a part of its public life at the moment of its birth. Students design, conduct, report, and evaluate research projects.

Supervised work experience in government, business, social agencies, or nonprofit organizations. With 13 National Debate Tournament Championships to its credit, Debate Society students and alumni are part of the most successful policy debate program in history.

We are proud of this rich history, heritage, and tradition, and work tirelessly to maintain a record of unparalleled distinction. Preparation for and participation in activities designed to apply the principles of logical reasoning in the public forum.

COMM COMMUNICATION ACTIVITIES: FORENSICS ()(F/S). Preparation for and participation in intercollegiate forensics (speech.

Dec 27,  · It depends, you can use the first two, but they mean different things.

Fresno State

I think that you want the first one, the second would be if there were a place called "the xy project". Competition Preparation – Students will be required to research and write Affirmative and Negative participation, homework, tournament competition, quizzes, and tests. Intervention and Trojan Learning Center: If you are • I have received and read Ms.

Stagg’s Speech and Debate course requirements and comply with the policies of this. a project of the Login. Login to Tabroom: Forget your password?

Trouble logging in? Sign Up Home Circuits Results Paradigms Isenhart Speech and Debate Tournament Parkersburg WV/US Due 12/4 PM EST: 12/7 - 12/8 Desert Hills Speech and Debate Tournament. This course provides advanced instruction and experience in competitive policy debate and public debate. Course credit for tournament competition and public debate participation is available.

My preparation and participation in a debate course tournament
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